Monday, July 9

Rainy ˚ᆺ˚

Its raining outside there 
I can hear a sound of raindrops in my ears
A deep sound go through into my hearts 
It could be nice for me to share this lovely moments with you..
I'm really go into it
Share with you this moment  
I'm really miss you.
I'm really miss a time to talking, chatting and seating with you..
I cant erased or even delete that moment 
And now when a rain is stop.
You are leaving me 
Leaving me without turn back your face 
Couldn't you wait for the rainbow 
Our lovely rainbows.. 
For now I am are looking for shiny and bright sun
A sun that can dry me from a wet of raindrops
The brightness of sun that can help me to erased the old memory with you.. 
And I'm still standing waiting for newer colorful rainbows
The new rainbow that will bring a lot of joyful and happiness into myself..

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